Vernon Street


Development of 24 two-bedroom new-build apartments with landscaped grounds.
Residential development



Vernon Street is a new-build residential development in Ashton-under-Lyne. The project delivers 24 two-bedroom apartments set in landscaped grounds.

Detailed applications for planning permission were approved by Tameside Borough Council Planning Committee in July 2018.
The scheme is a comprehensive redesign of a previously approved application which was hampered by poor siting, low ceilings, and pastiche design.

The previously approved scheme established the principle of a monolithic stepped block, MgMaStudio have sought to improve and model more the block sensitively, using an architectural language inspired by the industrial heritage of Ashton-under-Lyne.

Expressed gables are a common feature of historic textile mills and warehouses to be found in this area; on this scheme, the gables alternate on each principle elevation, eliminating the flat roofs of the previous design. Large openings overlooking the landscaped site will improve the amenity for residents significantly compared to the previously approved scheme.

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