The Plaza


Refurbishment of an iconic Liverpool commercial building.

Refurbishing the entrance lobby & 3rd floor of The Plaza is an opportunity to redefine the relationship between the building and its immediate environment. St. Paul’s Square is now an established mixed use destination, the focal point of which is the current entrance to the building.

The design brief seeks to redefine the amenity offer of the building, using mixing complementary health, wellbeing, and leisure uses to create a destination; the commercial centre of Liverpool.

The Plaza is an iconic structure which anchors the commercial district of Liverpool. Its scale and historic associations with the Littlewoods organisation make it a key reference point for  business in the city.

The recent development of St. Paul’s Square has focussed on complementing office space with leisure uses, extending the active profile of the area beyond the limits of the traditional working day.



Commercial refurbishment
Client: Bruntwood

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